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Condensate Management

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Condensate is an unavoidable result of compressing air causing corrosion and contains oil & dirt particles (eg: rust) that may be aggressive. Unless condensate is reliably removed from all points of collection, these may cause operational issues due to corrosion in the compressed air system.

All ambient air contains water vapour, but when it’s compressed and then cooled in your compressed air system, most of that vapour becomes water. To protect your pipework, tools and finished product this water needs to be removed in a controlled manner.


The water (or condensate) will be contaminated with oil from the compressor, and with particulate matter picked up from within the system. The proportion of oil will be such that the condensate cannot be legally discharged in its raw state. The most cost-effective solution is simple treatment on site before disposal to the sewer system.


We offer a range of oil/water separators manufactured in the UK by STERLING Separation Ltd. These products are highly effective yet simple and relatively inexpensive to install and maintain – and most importantly have proved over the years to be a reliable answer to the problem.


Condensate is removed from the air system by automatic drains – there are several types, and we can advise on suitability – then fed into the separator which contains a progressive oleophilic filter bed. Condensate passes slowly through the bed under gravity, gradually losing oil content to the filter media. At the outlet, oil content is at a sufficiently low level that disposal to the sewer/foul drain drain is permissible.


Please note it is illegal to discharge even treated condensate to the ground or to a water-course – see attached document from the British Compressed Air Society

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