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Aluminum Modular Systems for Compressed Air and Fluid Distribution

Teseo Pipework Systems

Teseo Aluminium Pipework is a modular compressed air pipework system. Lighter than traditional galvanised steel but robust thanks to the thicker wall of the tubing, it allows for quick installation with simple basic tools without welding or threading. It can even be modified under full working pressure. Double ‘O’ ring seals ensure that your new system is ‘leak free’. It is rated up to 15 Bar and for certain applications it can be higher. Suitable for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other fluids, both in small workshops and big industries. Modular manifolds, pneumatic panels and accessories such as benches, trolleys, swinging arms for assembly and production lines are also available Sizes from 4” - ¾” or 110mm – 20mm id. Benefits to your business: Flexibility - Allows for quick installation and modifications to the system even if the job is completed. Easy to make changes and add new branch lines or point of use drop. Air Quality –Made of natural aluminium without painting or electrochemical surface treatments - makes the product resistant to corrosion and provides contaminant-free air. Low Maintenance – Reduces costs for leakages, downtime and labour for modifications. All Teseo products come with a 20 year warranty - the longest in its sector.

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