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A safe, reliable and cost-effective Nitrogen supply,

Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen is used in many industrial applications and processes, it is also used as a safety measure to prevent combustion. The traditional method of supplying Nitrogen either by Liquid or bottled form includes delivery and storage which can be expensive and unreliable. Nitrogen generators allow users to produce nitrogen on site, simply and inexpensively by using a bespoke Nitrogen system, including a bespoke compressor package. CAPS understands the importance of having a safe, reliable and cost-effective Nitrogen supply, with our vast experience and product portfolio we have the capability to help our clients meet the increasing demand for high quality Nitrogen while also achieving high savings. A few applications where Nitrogen generation would be used: · electronics (wave soldering) · pharmaceutical (product transfer) · food (MAP) · plastics (PET) · chemicals (blanketing) · laser metal cutting (burring reduction) Please also see below our Oxygen Generation applications.

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