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Correctly sized compressed air treatment equipment will improve overall efficiency

Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed Air is not pure and contains inherent impurities that could be detrimental to the end application. Any compressor, whether it works oil-free or lubricated, can only supply an air quality corresponding to the purity of intake air. Any impurities present in the intake air will be present in the compressed air as well, but in higher concentrations as a result of the compression process. The ISO8573-1 (2010) international quality standard is very helpful in choosing the right system for the production of compressed air and its treatment. It replaces the vague but frequently requested quality terms of ‘dry’, ‘oil-free’, ‘silicon free’ & ‘dust-free’ with simple numerical values and defines them into defined classes of quality. CAPS offers a wide range of downstream Air Treatment equipment that ensures application specific air quality to ISO8573-1 (2010) classes. Contact us with your requirement or if you’re unsure what is required for your application our team of specialists can advise you of what is needed.

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