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Leak Detection

Compressed air systems are used across nearly all industrial facilities throughout the UK and according to studies, the average leakage rate is 25% however, in some facilities they lose up to 80% of their compressed air production due to leaks.

Compressed air leaks create false demands for air and consume flow needed by other production uses, this can result in significantly decreased pressure at the points of use. To compensate, some users will choose to increase the pressure of the compressor, which only makes things worse since a leak will waste even more air at a higher pressure.

Typical leak rates from various hole sizes:

Hole Size(mm)Air Loss @ 6 bar(cfm)Energy Loss(kWh/h)Costs*(£/pa)

* cost determination: kW x 0.14 £/kWh x 8760 operating hours per annum

Best practice advice is that the percentage of leakage should be less than 10% of the total compressed air production. Therefore, CAPS recommends a leak detection survey to be carried out at least once a year to keep losses to a minimum.

Leak Detection and Preventative Maintenance

Compressors and Pipework Systems (CAPS) are proud to partner with Sonotec to offer their extensive range of robust Sonophone Ultrasonic Testing preventative maintenance devices. Each of the Sonophone family products can be used for ultrasonic leak detection for compressed air, inert gases and vacuum systems. For condition monitoring and lubrication of bearings, motors, pumps, tightness testing, steam trap & valve inspection, bearing monitoring & lubrication and detection of partial electrical discharges all on one device.

  • Leak detection and classification of leaks on Compressed Air, gases and vacuum systems.
  • Tightness testing of unpressurised systems
  • Detection of partial Electrical Discharges
  • Condition Monitoring of machinery
  • Steam Trap and Valve Inspection

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